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Whether your hot water unit has come to the end of its life, or you’re just looking at an upgrade, give us a call today and we can help. Our professional team will advise you on the size of hot water system you need to accommodate the amount of people living in your home and also the number of bathrooms you have. A&E Plumbing and Gas will replace your old hot water service and remove the old system from the site. If you have an old gravity fed hot water service or a storage unit and are looking to convert to either a solar hot water system or instantaneous hot water, look no further than A&E Plumbing and Gas. When swapping from older style hot water units to a solar or instantaneous hot water system, often an upsize to the gas line is required. A&E Plumbing and Gas tradesmen are licensed gasfitters and can advise you on what your options are when it comes to any variables in deciding what

Servicing of old hot water units is what we do!  Common problems with Hot Water Units can include faulty thermostats, thermocouples or diaphragm rubbers. If your hot water service hasn’t blown its top, but isn’t quite working as it should, then give us a call today and we can send you out a friendly technician to help. When it comes to the maintenance of hot water cylinders, gravity fed hot water services and old instantaneous hot water services, give us a call.